One-Sentence Synopsis:
An American animated television series that uses a sitcom  format with a TV reality show setting, with characters that portray parody personality types which are typically seen in reality TV shows, who agreed to live in a house together;  a setup similar to that of Big Brother.

Channel: Comedy central

Run Length: October 27, 2004 – November 14, 2007

No. of episodes: 36 (Running in 3 seasons)

In March 2008, it was confirmed that the show had been cancelled, and the back of the third season DVD’s box refers to it as the “third and final season”. A few main reasons for the series’ cancellation include production costs, Comedy Central’s impatience with the time it took to produce each episode, and people taking offense to the show’s content. Which i think if you find it offensive, solution, don’t watch it, but then again it’s not that easy to say it like that. Still it was sad that it had to be cancelled.

Except for the exception of what i just found out that that Drawn Together well be returning to our screens in a form of a movie! Heres the trailer, note, it contains explict content:


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